July 1960 Chuo Plant Industries, Co., Ltd. was established with capital of ¥6,000,000.
Began to manufacture and sell heat treatment furnaces and gas generators.
June 1961 Changed its trade name to Daido Plant Industries, Co., Ltd.
June 1967 Increased capital to ¥18,000,000
May 1971 Developed and began to sell casting sand reclamation systems.
October 1971 Began to manufacture dehumidifier (Daido DRYER).
May 1977 Developed and began to sell aluminum recycling / casting systems.
November 1977 Transferred head office (sales and design functions) to consolidate it in the same site of Takakura Works of Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
October 1985 Merged Daido Kiln Co., Ltd.
Increased capital to ¥36,000,000
October 1987 Marketing right of dehumidifiers (DAIDO DRYER) was transferred from Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
December 2001 Marketing right of process equipment was transferred from Daido-Herr Engineering Co., Ltd.
January 2002 Transferred head office and factory to 9 Takiharucho, Minami-ku, Nagoya
April 2007 Marketing right of magnetic shield rooms was transferred from Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
March 2011 Accreditation under ISO9001