Continuous steel pipe heat treatment furnace

Making Solution for various needs of customer with three key approaches :  energy conservation, quality and productivity improvement.

For industrial furnaces, which are said to account for 50% of energy consumption by the entire industry, technological innovation is always required to respond unerringly and quickly to needs of the times. We commit ourselves to satisfy our customers and live up to society’s trust, promoting the following initiatives under three principal policies: preservation of consistent material quality, energy saving and productivity improvement.
Continuous steel pipe heat treatment furnace

To pursue quality:

  1. Reduced decarburization with appropriate atmosphere
  2. Reduced formation of coarse grains
  3. Measures against transfer flaws and flange defects

To promote energy conservation

  1. Process without acid pickling for environmental
      protection and cost reduction
  2. Energy Conservation and reduction in CO2 by using
      regenerative burner
  3. Effective utilization of generated heat reaction by
      using built-in type gas generator

To improve productivity

  1. Cast resistor elongate electrical heater’s life
  2. Automatic left / right pay-off control of work interval
      lowers work load
  3. Anti-momentary voltage drop measure (secure power
      supply unit) realizes steady operation and protection of
      works in the furnace

Continuous steel pipe heat treatment furnace : cooling zone
Continuous steel pipe heat treatment furnace : heating zone

Built-in type gas generator
Cast resistor