Secure power supply unit

With a perfect anti-momentary voltage drop measure taken, works in the furnace are protected for steady operation.

A secure power supply unit will protect precious works in a furnace, if a momentary voltage drop or power outage such as from a thunderbolt occurs.
Since it supplies power uninterruptedly for a considerable time with secondary batteries or an emergency power generator, you can keep operating an atmosphere gas generator without stopping it.

Optimal for a gas generator (also suitable for a general motor load)

  1. It has specifications designed and tuned optimally for a gas generator used with a heat treatment furnace. It can also be used to ensure continuous operation of a general motor load.

Power supply free of momentary power interruptions.

  1. With the adoption of a high-speed semiconductor switch, it has acquired the capability to supply power without a momentary interruption (greater than 2 msec). Thus, power can be supplied uninterruptedly to a gas generator to ensure continuous operation.

No worries about a prolonged power outage

  1. As it can be connected easily with an emergency power generator, you can secure hours of uninterrupted power supply.
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