Industrial furnaces

Continuous bolt refining furnace

Quality and productivity improvement is achieved with the cutting-edge roller hearth system.

For refining furnaces used for quenching and tempering of bolts, we propose two systems, the roller hearth type and mesh belt type, according to customers’ requirements. Especially, roller hearth type have become one of our staple products, since they offer a typically high operating rate and labor saving opportunities, to say nothing of such other advantages as little chances of foreign material contamination or incurring dents.
Continuous bolt refining furnace
Advantageous characteristics

To pursue quality

  1. No foreign material contamination
  2. No incurring dents
  3. Blackening can be performed

To promote energy conservation

  1. Energy Conservation and reduction in CO2 by using
    regenerative burner

To improve productivity

  1. Operating rate of 95% is achieved.