1.Industrial furnaces

Iron & Steel   Forged / mechanical parts heat treatment
Steel billet continuous heating furnace
Steel pipe non-oxidizing annealing furnace
Wire coil non-oxidizing annealing furnace
Stainless pipe continuous bright annealing furnace
Stainless hoop continuous bright annealing furnace
Stainless wire continuous bright annealing furnace
Lead frame bright annealing furnace
  Bolt refining furnace
Cold forged works heat treatment furnace
Gas carburization furnace
Other heat treatment furnace
Non-ferrous metals   Sintering and brazing
Aluminum melting / holding furnace
Aluminum billets soaking furnace
Aluminum mold aging furnace
Copper pipe continuous bright annealing furnace
Brass rod continuous annealing furnace
Various types of non-oxidizing heat treatment furnace
  Continuous brazing furnace
Ferrite magnet continuous sintering furnace
Lost wax die continuous sintering furnace
Various powder alloy sintering furnace
Glass / ceramics / carbon   Atmosphere gas generator
Ceramics simtering furnace
Carbon baking furnace
Various glass heat treatment furnace
Various glass sintering furnace
  Endothermic gas generator
Exothermic gas generator
Refining exothermic gas generator
Ammonia dissociator

2.Industrial equipments

Casting sand reclamation system  
Fluidized bed roasting furnace, chiller, dust collector  
Dehumidifiers (DAIDO DRYER)   Aluminum recycling casting system
Dehumidification of compressed air
Various models for dehumidification of N2, H2, CO, CO2 and other hydrocarbon gases and liquids.
Refining systems
  Crusher, dryer, iron remover, melting furnace, holding furnace
Continuous casting system, stacking machine, weighing scale, bundling machine

3.Incidental facilities and others

Secure power supply unit
Remote maintenance
Fuel-air ratio checker
Magnetic shield room

4.Reconstruction work

Diagnosis for labor saving / energy saving and remake work
Fuel conversion work etc.